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Thank you for bringing us here to Umoja Women’s Village Sinja. Although we knew in our hearts that we wanted to come to Umoja, but to find a woman who wanted to bring us here was incredible important.
And we hope that all women around the world, however they identify, weither you are a feminist, weither you are from South America, North America, Australia or Europe. Come to this village. It’s absolutely necessary. You will grow and you will be transformed for it.
Then call Sinja to bring you here.

Farah Tanis, Co-founder and Executive Director of the Black Women's Blueprint

   I am a world traveler. I am always on travel and I have to say Kenya was one of the most amazing thinGs I’ve ever done. Traveling with Sinja has changed my life.


Germany, 30 Years

I was planning since 2,5 years now to visit Umoja Women’s village and didn’t know how to go about it, until I found Sinja online. I am really glad I traveled with Sinja and met Rebecca, co-founder of Umoja, personally. Sinja has helped me to realize my dream.


laos 20 years

Traveling with Sinja was amazing. I will travel with her again and again. She has inspired me to explore my own country. My next trip with her is already planned.


Kenya 26 years

Even as a bold and independent woman, one sometimes has to reach out for a helping hand. With Sinja having my back I felt confident to fully enjoy my solo trip discovering Tanzania’s stunning nature and making real bonds with the people.


Germany, 28 Years

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