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   I am a world traveler. I am always on travel and I have to say Kenya was one of the most amazing thinGs I’ve ever done. Traveling with Sinja has changed my life.


Germany, 30 Years

I was planning since 2,5 years now to visit Umoja Women’s village and didn’t know how to go about it, until I found Sinja online. I am really glad I traveled with Sinja and met Rebecca, co-founder of Umoja, personally. Sinja has helped me to realize my dream.


laos 20 years

Traveling with Sinja was amazing. I will travel with her again and again. She has inspired me to explore my own country. My next trip with her is already planned.


Kenya 26 years

Even as a bold and independent woman, one sometimes has to reach out for a helping hand. With Sinja having my back I felt confident to fully enjoy my solo trip discovering Tanzania’s stunning nature and making real bonds with the people.


Germany, 28 Years

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