10 Best Places to visit
in Kenya

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Is Kenya Safe to Travel for solo traveler

Places to visit in Kenya

Are you wondering which places to visit in Kenya as a solo traveler? Would you like to have more details about safe destinations in Kenya for the solo traveler? And are you interested in places to visit where you can explore real Africa as a solo traveler? This blog post has all the details you might need.

As a passionate female solo traveler spending the last six years traveling and exploring Kenya, I have recorded a video for you, which will help you to discover the ten best places to visit in Kenya.

10 Best Places to visit in Kenya for solo traveler

  1. Women’s village Umoja
  2. Maji Moto Eco Camp
  3. Giraffe Manor
  4. Ngare Ndare Forest
  5. OlPerjeta Conservancy
  6. Elephant Orphanage
  7. Shela Beach
  8. Kazuri Beads
  9. Samburu Reserve
  10. Maasai Mara

In the video below, I am sharing deep insights into why this destination would be ideal for you and how it will help you as a solo traveler to explore real Africa. At the end of the video, I will share a special gift for you.

Please take a moment and think about the top 3 destinations you want to visit in Kenya and share them with us in the comment section below.

I will be very excited to hear if you have another safe destination for a solo traveler in Kenya.

Remember, every comment will help another solo traveler planning her life-changing trip to Kenya.

In case you want to plan to visit any of these destinations and need more information on how to get there or how to combine with other destinations on your list, I am here to advise you.  

Feel free to reach out to me anytime, and I will help you plan your safari in Kenya.

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