How much does a
safari cost?

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How much does a safari cost?

Safari in Kenya or not? The final decision for most travelers depends on the safari cost.

This article will outline ideas on how much a safari cost and how you can save money on safari.

Average safari cost

The typical safari in Kenya can cost 500 USD per person in a day for a private safari around (classic safari). The average safari in Kenya can cost at 120 USD for a group joining safari. It is very affordable compared to a group joining safari in Tanzania (average group safari cost: USD 200 a day).

The cost as well depends on the extra activities you choose. Examples are a hot air balloon safari with Champaign breakfast, a bush breakfast in the wild, or a visit to a Maasai village.

In the video below, I will share more details about extra activities costs and how much an average safari for a couple costs? I will give you a clear picture of what to expect if you want to choose a group joining safari in Kenya or Tanzania.

 At the end of the video, I will share two insider tips on how you can save money while planning your safari.

Please take a moment to note down all questions, which are currently going through your mind regarding planning your safari in Kenya. And share them with our travel community in the comment section below. 

I am here for you to answer all your questions and to help you plan a safari on your preferred budget.

In case you have planned your safari in Kenya already. However, you are not sure if the offer you got is the best option. I invite you to share your itinerary with us. Our professional team will give you feedback without any commitments.

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