How to visit the women's village Umoja

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Women's Village Umoja

The women’s village Umoja is a village in Samburu, where women’s fight against early forced marriages, FGM (female genital mutilation), and gender equality in Samburu, Kenya.

The women’s village Umoja should be on your bucket list for every female traveler if you are interested in Kenyan culture, women empowerment, and if you are ready to travel locally.

Every time I travel to Umoja, I feel more inspired than ever as I always learn something new about Samburu culture.

“We are all women, whether dark or white. It is our voice as women, which will make us strong. So, let’s have one voice, and we will be strong women in our societies as we support each other.”

Rebecca Lolosoli, Co-founder of Umoja Tweet

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In the video below, I will share my profound insights on how to travel to the women’s village Umoja, what you need to consider while going to Samburu, and a clear picture of how it will look when you visit the women’s village Umoja. 

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