Hi, I’m Sinja

An entrepreneur, travel consultant & personal tour guide dedicated to helping you to realize your life-time dream of traveling to Africa!

A born-and-raised German girl with nothing more than a dream of making a positive impact in life!

Traveling to Africa has changed my life completely.

 I’ve always asked myself whether I was meant to live in Africa.

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Are you looking for an adventure?  Or maybe you are looking for something new in your life and you just don’t know what it is?

Then you came to the right place!

I know it is not easy as a lady to just wake up one day and say:

I am tired of my life! I wanna go and see the world!

But that’s exactly what I did! Not easy at all, but fulfilling! I left my home Germany around two years ago so that I can travel and see the world with different eyes, without having plans or an idea what I am going to do exactly!

I was afraid, but at the same time excited, because I decided to do something that I have never done before!

Traveling to Kenya as a young lady just by 

myself scared me a bit. One of my biggest fears…

… was if I will be safe as a female solo traveler alone in Nairobi.  And what really scared me was my broken English and to be lonely. What can I do alone at the other end of the world? How do I move around? Where will I stay? Where will I go in case something happens to me? How will I contact my family?

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How many times did I wish for someone who could  guide me, who could answer all my questions and just keep me calm.  Or someone who will pick me at the aiport to give me a safe feeling and welcoming me in Kenya?

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When I landed in Nairobi the first time I had a cultural schock! I just felt like crying… 

My first time being in Kenya, I almost freaked out. The traffic, the bumpy and dusty roads, the situation in my guesthouse, the local food… After being in Kenya for 24 hours, I just wanted to go back home!

The moment I met my host mother, the situation has changed! By simply being there for me, taking me around, organizing a sim card for my phone. With her I really felt home. She helped me to connect with Mother Africa and see the beauty of Kenya.

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What touched my heart in Kenya, was the positive mindset and strong faith of the street children. I couldn’t believe how you can be this happy and optimistic and at the same time you don’t even know what to eat or where to spend the night!

Can you imagine to travel every day? To experience more and more about Kenya and about your self day by day? To discover new places? To meet new inspiring people? To live a much more happier and healthier life?

When I realized all this, I decided:

I want to share my  world with you,  so that you can experience the same I do!”

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