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Is Kenya Safe to Travel for solo traveler

Solo Travel Tips

I was traveling as a solo traveler in Africa can be scary. If you are not yet sure how you should go about it or solo travel tips, I feel you.

I felt the same way before I started exploring Kenya as a solo traveler. I was so scared that I wasn’t even sure if I should do it, alone as a young woman. 

During six years of traveling in Kenya as a solo traveler, I have organized a list of solo travel tips on how you can travel safely in Kenya.

The most important thing I learned while traveling solo is, it is advisable to practice the word “NO” and utilize it while traveling.

“As a solo female traveler it is important to learn to say “NO”.”

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Solo Travel Tips

  1. How to be seen as a traveler and not a tourist
  2. How to pack
  3. How to travel around safely
  4. How to go out in Nairobi
  5. How to find groups to travel with
  6. How to use solo friendly accommodation
  7. How to travel locally
  8. How to trust your gut

In this video, I will share insider tips on where to go out in Nairobi. How can you mingle with other solo travelers, find groups you can go on safari with, and the best apps to download to move around in Kenya safely and without bargaining?

 At the end of the video, I will share with you my absolute favorite travel destinations for the solo female traveler.

Take a moment to think about how you can turn your dream of traveling to Africa into reality. What is the next step you can take right now?

Share one solo travel tip in our comment section below, which has helped you personally to travel solo.

Remember that every comment can help another solo traveler overcome her fears and doubts as she starts her life-changing solo trip to Africa.

If your dream is to explore Kenya as a solo traveler and need personal assistance in planning your itinerary, please contact me anytime.

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