Traveling solo in Africa -
10 solo travel tips

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Is Kenya Safe to Travel for solo traveler

Traveling solo in Africa

Traveling solo in Africa might be on your bucket list. Still, you didn’t take the actions to plan your solo travel in Africa. Maybe you even thought to visit other continents first, to be on the safe side.

First solo travel tip

Listen to your heart and trust your guts.  If an inner voice is telling you to travel to Africa, so do it. Start by noting down your fears and turn them into action on how to overcome them. Focus on the positive benefits you will achieve while traveling solo in Africa.

After six years of traveling solo in Africa, I am here to guide you step-by-step through my experience and the experience of over 100 solo travellers I helped. 

10 Solo Travel Tips

In the video below, I have outlined 10 Solo Travel Tips to travel to Africa safely. Watch this video to get deep insights about the following points:

Learn more about how to

  • plan ahead
  • be registered
  • getting travel updates
  • stay connected
  • be confident
  • blend in
  • go out
  • be safe
  • trust your gut
  • I say, “NO.”

Please take a moment and note down everything that goes through your mind right now. The next action step, you will do immediately get one step closer to traveling solo in Africa.

Share your action step with us in the comment section. Remember, every comment can help another solo traveler in our beautiful women travel community to realize her dream.

Trust that, in every dark solo travel hour, you will meet your true self and be more self-empowered than ever.

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