Be #changedbytravel

Travel and transform your life

Dates: 03/05-09/05/2020

Do you want to experience how it feels like to be aware of all your senses and how to be in the NOW whilst watching lions and giraffes in the Savannah? Do you want to learn a tool for your life on how to quiet your mind and how to distress yourself? 

Awaken your divine feminine energy!

Dates: 01/06-08/06/2020

Are you willing to unleash the power within you? Are you ready to be aware of the present moment in this beautiful world? We have the perfect retreat for you: Your dream of practicing yoga in the wild in Kenya combined with mindfulness!

Digital Silence Retreat

Unplug and Re-inspire!
The fast pace of life, external pressures and our continual time spent on a screen can make us feel disconnected and isolated … even stuck or anxious. We help you to find your inner compass, follow your heart, let go of what holds you back and gain emotional and mental balance to achieve your fulfillment and motivation
you are seeking.

Umoja Women’s Village

Ladies let’s support each other!

Have you ever heard about Umoja Women’s village? A village in Kenya, where only women live to fight against FGM, early forced marriages and misuse? Ladies, it is time to support each other! Support the women’s village by visiting them and buying their self-made jewelries!

Yoga Retreat in Lamu

Take a break for what makes your soul  happy!

Are you exhausted from your busy schedule and just want to fly away? Take this chance to recharge your body with new positive energy!